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At GO CAPITAL, investing in innovation means backing responsible and ambitious projects, strengthening local ties, and promoting local jobs creation.

Since 2003, we have been committed to accelerating the sustainable transformation of territories by investing at  seed and venture capital stage. As a leader in technological investment, we leverage our expertise to foster responsible innovation for a sustainable and prosperous future.



Why We Act

We focus our actions on two main areas to address current challenges:


  • Territorial Development Funds : We believe that territorial development is essential to addressing today’s ecological, economic, and social challenges. Our mission is to decentralize growth by investing in projects that accelerate sustainable innovation in regions and improve quality of life.


  • National and European Vertically Focus Impact Funds : Enhancing social and environmental impact: We create impact funds dedicated to verticals such as maritime, often lacking financing, to accelerate their transformation and support their adaptation to climate change. These funds also cover key sectors of the ecological transition, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, to support initiatives that meet the crucial needs of our time while ensuring sustainable growth.

Fews figures Illustrating our Journey
Montant sous gestion
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Over €350 million in assets under management or funds advised
Participations GO CAPITAL
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Over 160 portfolio companies in 2021
Our DNA is Based on Three Fundamentals
Investissement deeptech
GO CAPITAL’s portfolio consists of innovative startups developing breakthrough technologies and providing sustainable innovations for society in various fields: biotech, medtech, digital, energy transition, cleantech, and industry. Our commitment is to support responsible and ambitious projects, contributing to a sustainable future.
Ancrage territorial
In collaboration with regional stakeholders, GO CAPITAL contributes to creating an ecosystem conducive to the economic development of highly competitive and high-growth potential deeptechs. We aim to enrich territories by creating local economic and technological wealth.
Croissance durable
Financing companies comes with responsible support for leaders, offering shared experiences, access to professional networks, and a diversified business vision. This approach enables optimal performance both financially and extra-financially.