DessIA raises €5.5 million to introduce their artificial intelligence software for systems design engineers.

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Paris, May 11th, 2021 – DessIA, an artificial intelligence (AI) based system design software for engineers, announces that it has raised €5.5 million from Supernova Invest, btov Partners, Go Capital and BPI. The investment will be used to strengthen the R&D and Sales teams and to further penetrate the European market, especially France and Germany.

Founded in 2017 by Steven Masfaraud (CTO) and Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel (CEO), DessIA aims to revolutionize the engineering industry with its explainable artificial intelligence platform. Its number one priority: automating design tasks to reduce development time and improve profitability. Furthermore, the platform helps engineers to make the best choices by exploring the entire design space. For instance, DessIA’s cloud platform can help find the ideal battery architecture or the best wiring for a jet engine.

A disruptive technology in the system design software space

While the need for automation and decision support has doubled since the beginning of 2020, engineering design software has evolved very little. DessIA enables engineers to boost their productivity and creativity via AI. Its software adopts the set of design rules that engineers have and then describes the thought pattern of a certain workflow to form a so called “Engineering bot”. Similar to the world of highly successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the use of such Engineering bots reduces the time needed for certain process steps by several orders of magnitudes (minutes or hours instead of weeks or months) and is particularly valuable in projects with repetitive tasks and/or a high number of expected requirement adjustments. DessIA calls this REA (“Robotic Engineering Automation”). DessIA’s aspiration “is to provide engineers with virtual companions (bots) in order to help them make the right decision in a technical, normative and commercial environment that is becoming increasingly complex” explains Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, CEO of DessIA.

Several large industrial OEMs trust DessIA

Initially, DessIA decided to focus its efforts on the development of pre-configured Engineering bots for its customers in the fields of power transmission, batteries and wiring. First successes allowed the company to move towards a platform strategy for the construction and provision of generic Engineering bots. In doing so, DessIA’s clients in the automotive, aerospace and railway sector can improve the profitability of their projects and to reduce development time.

In order to reach additional customers, DessIA has already entered into a strategic partnership with Safran Engineering Services and other consulting and implementation partners.

Funding to fuel growth in France and abroad

This funding will allow DessIA to strengthen its sales team, accelerate the development of its bot platform in a no-code spirit and continue the development of new families of bots. One important objective is to expand sales activities into other European markets with Germany as the first country on the list.

After 4 years of developing DessIA on their own, the two founders Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel and Steven Masfaraud are “delighted to open a new chapter of DessIA alongside three renowned investors!”